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Alela Diane – The Ocean chords

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Alela Diane - The Ocean 

EmShe was always walking singing to her footsteps
Am EmDirt ditch paths and pine cones
Am EmDigging up glass bottles
EmRusty springs from feather beds
EmOld hubcaps on the picket fence
Am EmShe planted beds of flowers
Am Em Stayed outside for hours
Chorus :
C Em AmIn spirit she's drifted to the ocean
C Em Am All those years of waiting for the water
C Em Am She's watching long shadows caught in the tide
C Em AmBut the sunset by the sea is in her mind
C Em Am The sunset by the sea is in her mind
EmAnd she was always hoping to someday leave the mountain
Am EmDomestic chores and children
Am EmThe darkness of the winter
EmPainting all these mermaids
EmWandering to the sea shore
Am Em Am EmShe wanted him to follow but his heart is with the hillside
Repet Chorus.
EmThese days you'll find her walking
EmSinging to the deep sea
Am EmBut she will always love him
Am Em Lost up in the mountains
EmThe sun set in the ocean
EmGathering shells and beach glass
Am EmDancing with the rogue waves
Am Em Gives her peace of mind
Am EmBut she will always love him
Am Em Lost up in the mountain
Am EmOh she will always love him
Am EmLost up in the mountain
Chords by Cécile B. Songwriter Alela Diane Song : The Ocean
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