Alesha Dixon – To Love Again chords

C G All this time I felt so lost, lost and needed help
Am F Incomplete. out of reach, alone all by myself
C G It all becomes so clear, when I see your face
Am F C And it's only when you're near, I feel I'm safe
Chorus So before we take this road
G Before you change my mind
Am Fill my heart with hope
F C Help me to believe this time
GI've been torn apart
Am G FDesperately trying to find a way back to my heart
CSo I can love again
Verse I'm so tired of holding on, so tired of waiting I need to feel something real, without it breaking It all becomes so clear, when you touch my hand And it's only when you're near, I know you understand Chorus Bridge
F G Am C/GThere's a fire within me, but I don't know where to stop
F G Dm EmThere's a light beginning, there's a dark kind leaving
F G Am F GThere's a hope I'm feeling now
COooooh yeah
Chorus Hmm yeah Turn the page to love again
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