Alex Beaton - Doon The Watter chords

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Tabbed by Jack Dingler
From Alex Beaton's 'In The Scottish Tradition'

Doon the Watter
Iain Ingram

C F G CMy father worked for buttons in a wee dry salters shop
F GBut we were young and didnae have a care
F C AmOur shoes were scuffed and worn, our dungarees a' torn
D GOur sloppy joes they wirnae fit to wear
CNoo me and ma wee brother we were headaches to my mother
F E7And dirty for the best port o' the year
F C AmBut she had us clean as whistles in our kilts and co-op sandals
G CWhen we went down the watter for the fair
C F CAnd we're sailing doon the Clyde, sailing doon the Clyde
GAnd headin' for Kilgreggan in the morning
C F CThen on to Rothesay Bay we'd leave on Saturday
G CTo catch the Jeannie Dean frae Crigendoran
The summertime was all I'm sure that kept my father gain' A time that he enjoyed as much as me The family a' the gither we didnae mind the weather He'd laugh and sing and bounce us on each knee '0 toora loora liddey ah finish work on Friday' His troubles seem to vanish in the air Ah but noo he's gone forever like the steamers on the river That went sailing doon the wafter for the fair The golden age of paddle steamers sadly disappeared And summertime has never been the same Those days of river cruisin' that slowly we were losing An era that will never come again For now we fly to Malta Majorca and Gibralter France and Spain and sunny Italy A' the kids a' think it's heaven like the Clyde for me at seven But the days of doon the watter's gone for me
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