Alex Day – Lady Godiva chords

Capo 8 for original. Gives it a nice high sound too.

Intro: G C x4

G CSeventeen
G C A beauty queen
G C G C Am DShe made a ride that caused a scene in the town
G7Her long blonde hair
A7 Hanging down around her knees
D G All the cats who dig striptease
Am D7Praying for a little breeze
G7Her long blonde hair
A7 Falling down across her arms
D G EHiding all the lady's cha----rms
A7 DLady Godiva
E C X4
G CShe found fame
G C And made her name
G C G C Am DA Hollywood director came into town
G7And said to her (hey! ),
A7How'd you like to be a star?
D GYou're a girl who could go far
Am D7'Specially dressed the way you are
G7She smiled at him
A7And gave her pretty head a shake
D G E That was Lady G's mistake
A7 DOh, Lady Godiva
G C x4
G C G CHe directs Certificate X
G C G C And people now are craning their necks
Am D (Sustain)To see her
(No chord) G7 'Cause she's a star
A7 One that everybody knows
D GFinished with her striptease shows
Am D7Now she can('t?) afford her clothes
G7Her long blonde hair
A7Lying on a barber's floor
D G EDoesn't need it long any mo---re
A7 D Lady Godiva
G C x4
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