Alex Lambert - Butterflies chords

Standard Tuning
**CAPO 4**

CHORDS: C/G G D/Ae|---0---3---0---|B|---1---0---3---|G|---0---0---0---|
D|---2---0---4---| Note: The third chord is not actually a D/A but is the closest i can find.A|---3---2---5---|E|---3---3---5---|
C/G G D/AThe first thing that you told me was so sweet, and you
C/G G D/AYou taught me how to love and grow.
C/G G D/AAnd your smile girl, is my remedy, and your body just don't stop.
C/G G D/AYou get closer, it's the enemy for now.
C/G G D/AAnd you give me butterflies,
C/G when i'm falling into you.
G D/AGive me butterflies,
C/G G D/A when i'm falling into you.
C/G G D/AAnd the second that i layed my eyes on you, I knew
C/G G D/Athat you would always make me feel this way.
C/G GAnd it's not just a smile, it's not just emotion.
D/A C/GThe way that you kill me, and i drink a potion from cupid.
G D/AI know i'm not stupid, but i act it around you.
C/G GAnd i'm not afraid of the moves I make,
C/G D/Ait's the chance i take with you.
REPEAT CHORUS There you have it. One of my new favorite songs to play on the guitar. It's simple yet beautiful. Alex Lambert is a star in the making. Tabbed by Jon825 *2010*
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