Alexi Murdoch - Breathe chords

Artist: Alexi Murdoch
Song:   Don't Forget to Breathe
Album:  Time without Consequence
Tuning: Standard

Chords / decoration:
  Am7:   002010
Dadd9 x04020 / x04025 Fmaj7 103210 / 103010
G6: 320000 Csus2: 335533 INTRO: [Am7] [Dadd9] [Am7] [Fmaj7] VERSE 1: In the [Am7] quiet of the [Dadd9] shadow In the [Am7] corner of [Fmaj7] a room [Am7] Darkness moves [Dadd9] upon you Like a [Am7] cloud a-[Fmaj7]-cross the moon You're a-[Am7]-wearing all [Dadd9] the silence Of a [Am7] constant that [Fmaj7] will turn Like the [Am7] windmill left [Dadd9] deserted Or the [Am7] sun forever [Fmaj7] burn CHORUS: So [Am7] don't [G6] forget [Fmaj7] to breathe [Csus2] Don't [Am7] [G6] forget to [Fmaj7] breathe [Csus2] [Am7] [G6] Your whole life is here, no [Fmaj7] eleventh hour [Csus2] reprieve So don't [Am7] [G6] forget to breathe [Fmaj7] [E] Keep your head above water But don't forget to breathe INSTRUMENTAL: [Am7] [Dadd9] [Am7] [Fmaj7] [Am7] [Dadd9] [Am7] [Fmaj7] VERSE 2: And all the [[Am7] suffering that you've [Dadd9] witnessed And the [Am7] hand prints on [Fmaj7] the wall They re-[Am7]-mind you how [Dadd9] it's endless How [Am7] endlessly [Fmaj7] you fall And the [Am7] answer that you're [Dadd9] seeking For the [Am7] question that [Fmaj7] you found Drives you [Am7] further to [Dadd9] confusion As you [Am7] lose your sense [Fmaj7] of ground REPEAT CHORUS: INSTRUMENTAL: [Am7] [Dadd9] [Am7] [Fmaj7] [Am7] Breathe... [Dadd9] [Am7] [Fmaj7] CHORUS REPRISE: [Am7] Don't [G6] forget [Fmaj7] to [Csus2] breathe [Am7] [G6] Don't forget to [Fmaj7] breathe [Csus2] [Am7] You know you are [G6] here, but you [Fmaj7] find you want to [Csus2] leave [Am7] So [G6] don't forget to... [Fmaj7] breathe FINALE: Just [Am7] breathe [Dadd9] [Am7] [Fmaj7] Just [Am7] breathe [Dadd9] [Am7] [Fmaj7] Just [Am7] breathe [Dadd9] [Am7] [Fmaj7] Just [Am7] breathe [Dadd9], just [Am7] breathe [Fmaj7] --crookedpath
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