Alice In Chains – Shame In You tab

Tune down half step (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb) but play chords as if in
standard tuning

Intro: D   C#  C    A

Lead Riff:  Bb|-----12b-(14)-12-----

Verse 1:

           D                       C#                   C                  A
When I waken,   And I'm achin', Time for sleepin', yeah

               D                    C#                      C
                 A                                     When I'm sayin',  Time
to go and,  I've been hurtin', yeah

               D                  F#                  C              A
When I'm layin',  I'm still trying,  Concentrating on dyin', yeah


D  F#  F   A   (pick out, don't strum)

You're right as rain

But you're wrong to blame

                 F               A
Agreed my crime's the same

My sin's I'll claim

Give you back shed pain

     F                            A
Go find a place for own shame, yeah

So you can deal

With this thing unreal

           F                          A
No one made you feel any hurt, yeah

Verse 2:

Body's movin',  Only Provin',
No one heeds to move

Still believin',  Yet mistaken,
All God's children, yeah

And I must say, I was stupid
Selfishly she consumed, yeah


And you must change, patterns all we trained
or n'er regain peace you seek
Now you hear me, for the things I see
Yeah, I believe in inner peace, yeah


D              C             G             D
Throw out,  Blow up,  Hold in

D              C            G                 D     A
Show fine, No signs, Grow Blind

Any corrections welcome.  This is my first posting, so forgive me for not
entirely knowing what I'm doing.  I am also posting tab for Dead Can Dance
and Bad Examples. Does anyone out there no anymore Reverend Horton Heat or
Dead Milkmen songs?  Please post!!! Thanx.
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