Alice Phoebe Lou – Grey chords

Ab Cm Bbm Fm

[Verse 1]
AbCalm the fuck down
Cmand unclench your fists
BbmI cant see you through the mist
FmHow did it come to this?
[Verse 2]
AbWipe the tears from
Cminside your head
Bbmyour eyes are looking dead
FmWas it something I said?
[Verse 3]
AbTake back those words
CmI'm not as strong as I look
BbmIt's my soul that you shook
Fmand my heart that you took
[Verse 4]
AbLeave me in my misery,
Cmhopefully I'll forget you some day
BbmI cant stay, I have to stop
Fmmy soul's decay
[Verse 5]
AbYou've taken all my dignity
CmIt's clear to me that this aint child's play
BbmI'll be on my way
FmBefore my world turns gray
[Verse 6]
AbHey, hey you, yes you
Cmstanding there
BbmIs this fair, or would you
Fmgive me care?
[Verse 7]
AbHey, hey you, yes you
Cmwith the smile
BbmWould you take me under your wing for
Fm a while
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