Pretty Thoughts chords with lyrics by Alina Baraz - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Alina Baraz – Pretty Thoughts chords

[Verse 1]
AYou looked at me with certainty.
EI, I couldn't look away.
ATook your jacket off like,
ELike you were here to stay
AChasin' your pretty thoughts
EAnd your plastic love
AThere goes my mind,
ELet it go.
F#m AYou're that lace trimmed danger,
F#m A E AOne day you'll be the face of a stranger. (stranger, stranger, stranger)
AI, I couldn't look away,
EChasin' your pretty thoughts.
AYou're mine,
AYou're sinking' in my soul,
Echasin' your pretty thoughts.
x2 F#m A [Verse 2]
A EIn intervals you're sinkin' in (you are sinkin' in)
EYou're sinkin' in my soul.
AThought to myself:
E"Don't, don't you lose control"
AStarted to undress you,
Ewith my wondering eyes
A ETold myself you'd be gone by sunrise,
F#m A'cause you're that lace trimmed danger,
F#m A E Aone day you'll be the face of a stranger (stranger, stranger, stranger)
[Chorus] (x2)
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