Alison Krauss – Jacobs Dream tab

Song: Jacob’s Dream
Artist: Alison Krauss

Capo 2

Em                                                D
In the spring of 1856 with the snow still on the ground
    A/C#             Em          D          A/C#     Em
Two little boys were lost in the mountains above the town
Em                                                D
The father went out hunting the boys had stayed behind
      A/C#          Em                 D        A/C#     Em     Bm    Em
While mother tended to her chores they wandered from her side

Em                                                  D
The two had gone to follow him and lost their way instead
    A/C#             Em                 D        A/C#      Em
By dusk the boys had not been found and fear had turned to dread
Em                                              D
200 men had gathered there to comb the mountain side
    A/C#                    Em              D            A/C#    Em
The fires were built on the highest peak in hopes they'd see the light

Chorus 1
   A                   Em
Oh mommy and daddy why can't you hear our cries
                        D               Em
The day is almost over, soon it will be night
A                                Em                 Bm
We're so cold and hungry and our feet are tired and sore
   C              D           G        Bm    Em    Bm   Em
We promise not to stray again from our cabin door

Em                                                       D
Now Jacob Diverd woke one night from a strange and eerie dream
    A/C#        Em                     D        A/C#    Em
He saw a path between two hills near a dark and swollen stream
Em                                                      D
He told his wife he saw the boys huddled close beside a log
    A/C#                Em                  D      A/C#      Em 
For two more nights the dream returned this vision sent from God

Chorus 1
Em                                                         D
A thousand men had searched in vain the west side of pop's creek
    A/C#              Em                D       A/C#   Em
But Jacob's wife knew of this place and said to travel east
Em                                                  D
With a guide to take him there, Jacob came upon the scene
    A/C#           Em               D         A/C#      Em
And found the boys cold and still beneath the old birch tree

Chorus 2
   A                     Em
Oh mommy and daddy, look past the tears you cry
                             D             Em
We're both up in Heaven now, God is by our side
A                                 Em              Bm
As you lay us down to rest in the presence of the Lord
C                 D        G       Bm       Em    Bm   Em
Know that we will meet you here at Heaven's door
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