Alison Krauss – Away Down The River chords

Left handed
Away Down the River   
Alison Krauss
Capo 1 fret
C F C FBaby dry your eyes There's no need to cry
C AmCause I'll see you again
C F It might be a while Before you understand
FI'm just away down the river
CA hundred miles or more
G#(one note- 4th fret –bass E string) G7 Crossing over Jordan To the other shore
F C Fm7I'll be standing waiting With all who've gone before
C Am G CI'm just away down the river A hundred miles or more
Now the pictures on the wall Will help you to recall They're not there To make you sad But to remember All the good times we had (Chorus) (Instrumental) When it's time to leave You're gonna feel the mountain breeze And the snow will fill the stream And carry you to me (Chorus) Tabbed by bendave
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