Alison Moyet – Only You tab

Only you-Alison Moyet


i heard this song played at an awards night at St Edwards College-Gosford and i
wanted to learn it as soon as i got home. its really simple just chords and no
fancy stuff.

     C/B         Am/G

verse 1 C C/B Am looking from the window of above Am/G F its like a story of love C G can you hear me? C C/B Am came back only yesterday Am/G F moving farther away C G want you near me chorus F G all i needed was the love you gave C C/B Am Am/G all i needed for another day F G (single stroke) and all i ever knew C only you verse 2 C C/B Am sometimes when i think of her name Am/G F when its only a game C G and i need you C C/B Am listen to the words that you say Am/G F gettin' harder to stay C G when i see you chorus (instrumental) chorus verse 3 C C/B Am this is gonna take a long time Am/G F and i wonder whats mine C G cant take no more C C/B Am wonder if youll understand Am/G F its just the touch of your hand C G behind closed door chorus and thats it any comments or corrects please e-mail me
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