Alistair Clark - Grow Up tab

-Growp Up-


---------------3------2--------------------------|-------1--------------3--------------------------|----------------------2--------------------------|-2-----2-----------------------------------------|-2-----3-------2---------------------------------|---------------3---------------------------------|em C G D
-Grow Up- verse 1 Its this the end my little friend? No more sickness at 3am The site of blood makes me feel queazy The screaming child makes me uneasy chorus its not fair to call me a loser just because im at your place its not fair to say grow up...yeah its not fair to throw it in my face because im at this point its not fair to say grow up verse 2 Before wed socaialise outside But now were content to stay inside The party king in me is jaded Tables have turned an now ive faded..ive faded chorus verse 3 Ive setiling down like the teacher said Honey lets stay in tonight instead.. My hour glass is running low on sand The dealers hinting at a final hand .... Telling everyone my life is content is just a fallacy My teenager son and nephews gives me feeling of jelousy A wasted youth i lead and now its all too late The way your going you have the same fate... .... chorus 2 its not fair to call me a misfit just because you are someone maybe its time to grow yeah maybe its time to grow up
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