Alkaline Trio - If You Had A Bad Time tab

                      Alkaline Trio - "If You Had A Bad Time"
E:   022100
A:   X02200
B:   X23300
C#m: X46600

E B C#m B A

                 E       B
If you had a bad time at one of my parties
       C#m                   B                          A
Well I wouldn't expect to be seeing you soon and that's fine
You have to know what and why
Those things make you happy
C#m                       B                          A
  You have to know that a second guess ain't worth a try

Just some words of advice
             A                          B
Maybe you've heard them before but here goes
                    E                       A                     B     A  
Just be true to yourself if it lands you in hell at least now you know
         B             E                            A                     
Loud and clear is your heart big and bright are the places you might 
someday go
                        E                            A        
With one million things holding you down, why you're one of those things
        B    A       B          E   
I don't know, no big deal gotta go

If you're up to your ears
In blood, sweat and wasted years
I'm hoping you're going to open your throat
And just scream
You have to know when, why
Which ones miss you when you die
You have to know a second guess ain't worth the salt in your eye

        C#m                          A
It just sits on my shoulders, you're breaking my neck
       E                          B
We get crazy with age, now you're under my bed
         C#m   A         E             B  
And it's dark    all the time, all the time


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