All Star United – Drive tab

Intro:   C - Am - F/C - C  (2x)

C               Am                                  C
I don't mean to pry, but I'm seeing signs I can't ignore
C                              Am               F                     C
You've been holding something deep inside, and I can't keep quiet
Of the urgency, I'm well aware, I'll take you anywhere
If you're dissatisfied

           F                    C                Dm                    F
Let's just drive, take a deep breath and I swear everything will be
            F               C                  Dm                   F
Let's just drive, until it gets us somewhere, even if it takes all night
             C    (1st time only)
Let's just drive

C                     Am            F                     C
I know you thought we were the same, we're two different kinds
C                      Am         F                            C
I've been following a narrow lane, you follow your's where it winds
Now it's time to get in gear, I'll take you far from here
If you're dissatisfied

Repeat chorus

            Am     Dm    F
Let's just roll, away tonight
            Am    Dm           F
Let's just roll away until we get it right, Let's just drive

Repeat Chorus	(3x  1t guitar solo  2t chorus  3t guitar solo)

Outro:              Ab          Bb
      "Let's just driiiiiiiiiiiiiiive"
		C	Bb	Dm	F 	(repeat and fade w/ solo)

					- or -

Out-tro:	Ab	Bb	C	(and end)
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