All Time Low - Lullabies chords version 1

This is my first try, so don't be too hard. Feel free to correct me. It sounds the 
best if you use power chords.

no capo

Ej7 A7 or A7 E5 A5 Aj7 or Aj7--x-----3-----4-----x-----x-----0-----4--|--9-----2-----5-----x-----x-----2-----2--|--8-----2-----6-----9-----x-----1-----2--|--9-----2-----7-----9-----7-----2-----2--|--7-----0-----0-----7-----7-----0-----0--|--x-----x-----x-----x-----5-----x-----x--|
Ej7 A7Make it a sweet, sweet goodbye -
Ej7 A7it could be for the last time and it's not right.
Ej7 A7"Don't let yourself get in over your head," he said.
Ej7 A7 (hold) Alone and far from home we'll find you...
E5 A5Dead - Like a candle you burned out;
E5 A5spill the wax over the spaces left in place of angry words.
E5 A5Scream - To be heard, like you needed any more attention;
E5 A5 throw the bottle, break the door, and disappear.
E Aj7 E Aj7Sing me to sleep, I'll see you in my dreams,
E Aj7 E Aj7waiting to say, "I miss you. I'm so sorry."
Forever's never seemed so long as when you're not around it's like a piece of me is missing. I could have learned so much from you but what's left now? Don't you realize you shot this family a world of pain? Can't you see there should have been a happy ending we let go? Sing me to sleep, I'll see you in my dreams, waiting to say, "I miss you. I'm so sorry." Ej7 Aj7 Sing me to sleep. Ej7 Aj7 Sing me to sleep.
Ej7 A7Sing me to sleep.
Ej7 Aj7(hold) Sing me to s...
E5 A5Sing me to sleep (You've taken so much with you...)
E5 A5I'll see you in my dreams, (But left the worst with me...),
E5 A5 E5 A5waiting to say, "I miss you. I'm so sorry."
E5 A5 E5 A5(hold)I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
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