All Time Low - Lullabies tab

			     LULLABIES (Intro) - All Time Low
Tabbed by: TayRayWebb

Tuning: Standard

Introe|-------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------|G|----8--8888-8888-8888/13-13131313-13131313-13131313\---| X 3D|----9--9999-9999-9999/14-14141414-14141414-14141414\---|A|----7--7777-7777-7777/12-12121212-12121212-12121212\---|E|-------------------------------------------------------| “Make it a sweet…”
e|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|----8--8888-8888-8888/13----|D|----9--9999-9999-9999/14----|A|----7--7777-7777-7777/12----|E|----------------------------| “Alone and far…”
Listen to the song to get the idea of the strumming rhythm… No one has been putting out that many All Time Low tabs so I’ll try to find some time to some full songs, hope you like this one. ALL TIME LOW ROCKS!!! | / slide up | \ slide down ===============================================================================
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