All Together Separate – On And On tab

On and On
All Together Separate

Enjoy :)

okay this is just the basic structure of the song. i have heard it many times,
but I can't all of it.

"ON and ON"
tabbed by triplept1 @ you have any questions)

Em D Ce-7--7--5--|b-8--7--5--|g-7--7--5--|d-9--7--5--|a-7--------|E----------|
f# A E Be---------------------|b---------------------|g----------9----5-----|d---------------------|a-5----7---7----2-----|E-2----5--------------|
That is basically it. the verse is played again and the chours as well,and then at the end of the song the intro becomes the outro, basically( it has a variation in it )
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