Allah-las – Every Girl tab

Allah-las - Every Girl


e|----------------B|----------------G|----------------D|----------------A|57--7-7-7-------E|---------7--5-3- x2
E B A G x4 VERSE 1 E B A G E She was my oldest friend B A G E She's made a way into my brains again B A G E Watch and wave as she walks B A G E You know she's the best girl on the block B A G E There goes julian (yeah yeah yeah yeah) B A G E You know I always been her biggest fan (yeah yeah yeah yeah) B A G E I start to think I'll make her mine (yeah yeah yeah yeah) B A G Think tomorrow she'll be outta my mind CHORUS E A Ooh yeah they're all \ E \ Every girl's the one for me / x4 B A G E Yeah yeah yeah yeah x4
-solo-e|-------------------------------------------7-------------------------B|---8-10--10b-10b--8--------------------10b---10b-10b 10-8-----10-----G|---------------------9-----79-9--9--9------------------------9--9-7--D|-------------------------79-----------------------------------------9A|---------------------------------------------------------------------E|---------------------------------------------------------------------
b = bend VERSE 2 Hey there refugee You're about the finest thing that I've ever seen Wanna take you for a drive But lord knows I gotta wander it out I heard Suzy Lu yeah all the wild things she's gonna do Man she's on fire Loving someone till they get outta time -play chorus- B A G E Yeah yeah yeah yeah x4
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