Allison Crowe - Running chords


Allison Crowe
(live at Wood Hall)

Intro: E  B  F#m  A

Verse 1:

E B Granted I've been a fool before
F#mBut I've never felt
ASo completely insane
E B I know I've been here before
F#mBut I never saw this
AFor what it really was and
B A I hope that I can get my point across
B A I hope that I don't lie dormant in the shadows now
B A I know that I am running as fast as I can
B A But I know that that's not very fast at all
E B I am trying so hard to be something
C#m AThat I just end up being nothing at all
E B So watch me as I stumble now
C#m AWatch me smile as I hit the ground
Verse 2:
E B And every time that I knew the truth
F#mI would just pretend
AThat I wasn't hiding
E B I'd tell myself that it's alright
F#mI know myself
AI think that's all that matters and
[Prechorus] [Chorus] Bridge:
C#m A I always expect this
C#m A I always see it coming
C#m A I love it when it's faltering
E BI love it when it's failing
C#m A I know that there is
C#m A Most likely something wrong with that
C#m A But it's a part of who I am
- At least I think that it might be,
E B anyway...
[Chorus 2x]
E B C#m A E B as I hit the ground
C#m A EWatch me smile as I hit the ground
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