Allison Iraheta – Just Like You chords

thanks to Burrtiosbite


G DYou're textin me to say
EmYou made a mistake
C D/GCouldn't say it face to face
G DYou thought you wanted her
EmYou got what you deserved
C D/GNow look who's getting played
[Pre chorus]
G They say karma
DComes around
EmI Used to want you
CBut I don't now
C GRoses are dry
EmViolets are black
AmAnd I can be cruel
Am D CJust like you
GTables have turned
EmCan't help but laugh
AmFor saying we're thru
Am D CJust Like You
G DYou hit me up again
EmTo tell me I'm the one
C D/GBut I just hit erase
G DCuz I'm so over it
EmI'm finally havin fun
C D/GSo drama go away
[Pre Chorus]
GThey say heartache
DHeals in time
EmWhoever they are
CWell, they were right
[Chorus] [Bridge]
G Tell me was she worth
DWas she worth
G EmLetting me go
GShovel in your hand
D G EmAnd you're digging yourself a hole
GNow you're coming back
D GJust to hear me tell you no
Em DOhh yeah, yeah
[Pre Chorus]
GThey say karma
DComes around
EmUsed to want you
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