Allison Weiss – Daybreak chords

Daybreak by Allison Weiss
Tabbed by: Brian Jenkins

- Capo on 6th fret, all chords are named relative to the position of the capo.

E		022100
Asus2		x02200
E7sus4	020200
C#m		x4665x
B		x24400


E Asus2 E Asus2

1st Verse:

EWell the day breaks and I play dead
Asus2cause I can't fake that my empty bed
E7sus4 Eisn't lonely in the mornings, without you
Eand I'm back where I was before
Asus2and the game's fair if you're keeping score
E7sus4 Asus2but we aren't, are we
C#m Asus2 ESlowly, my doubts begin to surface
C#m Asus2 E BSo tell me if all of this is worth it
Asus2cause I like what I've found,
E Asus2keep me around
2nd Verse:
Eand the day's short so I drive fast
Asus2 E7sus4and I've long since forgotten my past
Ebut something's got me hesitating now
Ebut I'll stay here and I'll stay still
Asus2and I'll stay with you if you say you will
E7sus4 Elet me rest my tired head next to yours
C#m Asus2and I'm missing what I never had
E Bsecond guessing what my instincts said
C#m Asus2 E Bwhen they told me I've got nothing to fear
Asus2cause I don't, and I won't
E Asus2wish you were here
Outro: E Asus2 E Asus2 E
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