Alter Bridge - Wonderful Life tab version 1

   Hey guys, this is what i play for the
 brand new song Wonderful Life by Alter
Bridge off their new album AB III. I know
 this is might not be 100% correct cause
this is like my first time ever tabing a
song by ear and stuff and hope you like it!!!!!!!
P = Palm mute
/ = slide up to
h = hammeron

Tuning: Open G tuning (D,G,D,G,B,D) P P P P P P PD--9-----10------7------/12-10-9--------------------------------|B---------------------------------8------7------3h5------3------|G------0------0------0----------------0------0--------0-------0-|D----0------0------0----------------0------0--------0-------0---|G--0-----0-------0----------------0------0------0--------0------|D---------------------------------------------------------------|
P P P PD--9-----10------7h8-/12-10-9----------------------|B--------------------------------8------7------3h5-|G------0------0----------------------0------0--0---|D----0------0----------------------0------0----0---|G--0-----0-------0---------------0------0------0---|D--------------------------------------------------|0(Then the 12 fret Natural Harmonics)
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