Alter Bridge - Life Must Go On chords

Beautiful song, really easy chords as you'd expect. I'll try and tab the rest of it soon :)

Tuning: Standard

A  - X02220
Bm - X24432
D  - XX0232
Em - 022000
G  - 320033

Bm GSitting alone in the cold of the night
D AYou're trying to find what you need to survive
Bm GYou're so afraid
DYou can't go on
Bm GLeft in the silence that tears at your heart
D AThey only remind you how broken you are
Bm GYou've lost your way
DBut hope is not gone
D 'Cause the sun always sets
AThe moon always falls
BmIt feels like the end
GJust pay no mind at all
D AKeep rolling, rolling
Bm A GLife must go on
Verse 2:
Bm GDo you remember and long for the past
DWhen love was eternal
AAnd joy seemed to last
Bm GYesterday
DForever is gone
Chorus Bridge:
Em We have our misfortunes
GThe darkest of days
D AWe must endure and keep strong
EmJust look to the morning
GThe promise awaits
D AAnd know that this life must go on
Outro:(chorus chords) D A Bm G D A Bm G Can't be bothered to count how many times, just play until the end :) Really it's a very easy song to play chords with, sounds gorgeous too :D Email me if you have any questions or anything, or any corrections would be welcome although I'm very sure I've done it right! Happy playing!!
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