Alter Bridge – Find The Real chords

1/2 Step Down!

For the Verses and Bridge, strum a D like this: e|---X---|B|---3---|G|---2---|D|---0---|A|---0---|E|---X---|
Also, on the ending "D" in the chorus, if you play
it goes well with the voice melody. Just start strummin the "D" after that. Verse 1:
DStuck in the middle
I burrow inside Back to the cradle Away from the burdens Of all my crimes Before it's fatal The past has found me The truth come out Always remember With no place to fall But straight down I must surrender Chorus:
F CWell it seems I've finally
GThought of everything
FI want to love
CI want to feel
GI'll find peace
DI'll find the real
Verse 2:
DThere's a face I put on
All my life The face of an angel I look in the mirror Only to find The face of a stranger And all that I've taken I hunger for more Cause I'm selfish And all I'm left with Is a crown of thorns And I'm helpless Chorus Bridge:
DI'll trade these lies for something right
I will kill what hurts with something pure I will be redeemed so I can breathe again Chorus
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