Alyssa Reid – Letting Go chords

This is my first tab so don't judge too harshly!
Played without a capo. Not entirely sure what this chord is, its an Em with the G string 
(the fourth string from the top) played on the same fret. (I'm just gonna call it an EmX)
Looks like this:

G Bm A EmX D
GI can tell that he wants you
BmI can see in his eyes
ABut he's trying play his games on you
EmX And you don't see through his lies
GBut I know he really needs you
BmAnd I know you can tell
A'Cause he's with his boys right now
Acting all big EmX So you know he's putting you through hell
GSo tell him to go,
DIf he's too good for you
GLet him know,
DIf he thinks he's too cool
GMove on,
A'Cause it won't be long
EmX 'Til his game is done D (strum once) The crowd is gone
G I know you're thinking it's a quarter to ten,
BmAnd you wonder why you did it again
ARemember what you're fighting for,
EmX As you're walking out that door
G It took a minute but I'm starting to doubt,
BmThat you're ever gonna figure it out
AI won't be the last to know
EmX You took a chance, D (strum once) Now I'm letting go.
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