Amanda Mair – House chords

Amanda Mair - House (2012)
Transcribed 26/3-2012 by Jon Malmin (
Tuning: Standard E

Listen to the song, learn the different parts and you should be fine!

Intro: E  G#m (x2)

EI wanna wake you up
G#mI can hardly hear my footsteps
EIn the falling darkness
G#mI can barely wait to see you
AIn your apartment
B G#m (A)We were heading for the better times we wanted
A BWe were sorry that the distance
G#m (E)Took more than we prepared
E (G#m)We could do it again (we could do it again)
G#mJust another ending this time
E (G#m)Were you ever scared? (were you ever scared?)
G#mDid you seek for reasons to get
A BFar away from all the travelling
G#m (A)And talking on the phone?
A BCan't you see it's only what we've been
G#m (A)Can't you see the threats?
BCan't you see your own obsessions?
C#mCan't you see your count in this?
A F#mCan't you see I'm only happy
C#mWhen you're in the house?
BYou should know I'm only waiting
C#mFor the times we never had
A F#mYou should know it's all because of
C#mYou're not in the house
[Verse, same chords as before] I wanna say it straight (I wanna say it straight) We could be whatever we dreamed Something really good (something really good) Just let yourself get to it In your apartment We were heading for the better times we wanted We were sorry that the distance Took more than we prepared [Chorus, same as before] Interlude ("You're not in the house..."): F#m A C#m C#m (x3) [Chorus, same chords but different lyrics] Can't you see we're going nowhere? Can't you see your count in this? Can't you see I'm only happy When you're in the house? Can't you see my only vision? Can't you see I'm counting this? You should know I can't be happy Till you're in the house End the song with a C#m!
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