Parking Lot Pirouette chords with lyrics by Amanda Shires - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Amanda Shires – Parking Lot Pirouette chords

Bm Em Bm D

[Verse 1]
CI never learned the names, the space between the stars
EmThe shapes that constellations make
Bm EmBig burnin' jewels suspended in air
Bm DAquariuses everywhere
[Chorus 1]
GThey're everywhere
DThey're everywhere
G DThey're everywhere
[Verse 2]
C EmEverywhere I looked I saw the halo'd moon through the window
EmAnd I was underneath you
Bm EmI thought I'd been holdin' on too tightly
Bm DIn the fallin' lane of I
[Chorus 2]
GIt doesn't last
DIt doesn't last
G DIt doesn't last
[Verse 3]
CLast night you walked me to my car
You said "You won't be gettin' far"
Em Bm EmBefore you turned around I did a parkin' lot pirouette
Bm DI said "You're right, I'm not done with you yet"
[Chorus 3]
GTurned around
DI turned around
G DI turned around
[Verse 4]
CI turned around, the bottle fell to pieces on the floor
EmYou laughed, said "We should do this more"
Bm EmYou know I'd give every dollar in my purse
Bm DFor another one of your detours
[Chorus 4]
GFor another night
DAnother night
G DAnother night
[Instrumental] C Em Bm Em Bm Em Bm D [Chorus 3]
GI turned around
DI turned around
G DI turned around
[Outro] C Em
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