Amasic – All I Want chords

Got bored so heres another great song by Amasic!____________________________________________________________________________ CHORD CHART E7 C9 G D Am C|---3-----3-----3-----2-----0-----0-----||---3-----3-----3-----3-----1-----1-----||---0-----0-----0-----2-----2-----0-----||---2-----2-----0-----0-----2-----2-----||---2-----3-----2-----0-----0-----3-----||---0-----------3-----------------------|\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\TUNING - HALF STEP UP! YOU CAN USE A BAR ON THE 1ST FRET OR JUST TUNE UP;)
Intro: E7 - C9 - G - G - C9 - G - D Verse 1:
E7 C9 GI've never hide I always tried,
C9 G DUntil the day, the day when our two worlds collided.
E7 C9 GI closed my eyes then realized,
C9 G DYou were the one, the one who showed me how to love.
E7There's nothing I wont do,
C9I'd always be with you,
GI would walk for miles,
DJust to see your smile.
E7There's nothing I wont do,
C9To show you I need you,
GI'd give you the sky,
DAnd you would never cry,
Ab C D'Cause all I want is you to understand that I love you.
Transition: E7 Verse 2:
E7 C9 GI was afraid to let you know,
C9 G D You looked so good, too good for me to be with you.
E7 C9 GBut then I saw your eyes on me,
C9 G DThat's how I knew, I knew I should just take the chance.
Chorus x1 Bridge:
E7 GAnd this will never end,
DWe'll be together forever.
E7 C9Time wont let me change,
DI'll always be the same for you...
Solo: E7 - G - D - E7 - C9 - D Ab - C - D
E7There's nothing I wont do,
C9To show you I love you,
G D I would walk for miles just hold you.
Chorus x2 ____________________________________________________________________________ THATS IT! HAVE FUN WITH IT!
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