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(Lyrics by David "Butch" Mcdade / James.H.Brown Jnr)
Transcribed by Alan Percy

The Amazing Rhythm Aces
From the Album "Burning the Ballroom Down"

Verse .1.
(D)I have heard the cannons thundering all(G)night
And I(D)cannot sleep for wondering why's a rebels cause so(A)right
And the(D)morphine seems to do no good at(G)all
And I would(A)run away it I would not(D)fall

Verse .2.
I joined the southern cavalry for(G)fun
And I had(D)rode a thousand horses
Always had a way with a(A)gun
Now I'm(D)among the horseless riders Iying(G)still
Swallowed(A)up by the cause on the widows(D)hill

And I(Bm)dreamed about a rose in a Spanish(F#m)garden
And I(Bm)kissed you and I placed it in your(F#m)hair (A)
And if I'm(D)ever on my feet again I(G)will
And I will(A)run all the way just to meet you(D)there.

Verse .3 (Added on the 1996 Album "Ride Again Vol.1) 
Through the day I watched those southern boys go(G)down
And they(D)lay like Georgia peaches bruised and broken on the(A)ground
Through the(D)night I wondered was it worth the(G)pain
And I(A)cried not revenge I called your(D)name

Repeat Chorus

(c)1977 Tintagel Music inc. (ASCAP)
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