Ambassadors - Rearrange tab

By the ambassadors

Intro:Lead guitar-----------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|-6---7---4----4--------6---7----7--------------|-7---7---6------7-6----7---7----7--------------|---------------------7----------5--------------|
------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------|-------7-6---------4-4s6-7----------------|---7-------7s9-6-7-4-4s6-7----------------|-5---5---------7-7-2-2s4-5----------------|Then, play the chords:
E Eb B C#m B A E Eb B A A B
Then,Lead: (palm mute)------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------6-----------------|---9-9-7-9-9-9---9-7----------------|-0----------------------------------| (4x)
While, Rhythm plays:E-A
--just listen to the timing— Stanza: E E/Eb I thought it’s never ending, a never ending story A B but it’s not… E E/Eb I climbed the highest mountain and sailed the deepest of oceans A B I even walked on fire for you… Refrain: C#m B A B But it seems like you don’t care, you don’t care at all… C#m B A B Simple changes rearrange it all… Chorus: E E/Eb And it comes down to the last time C#m B It would never be the same A Cause I gave it all B to you E E/Eb But tomorrow is another day C#m B Another chance for me A To forget it all B And never fall Interlude: E A E A B E A G#m A B (2x) Repeat refrain and chorus ---just listen well to the song! please rate this! ROCK ON!
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