Kahaani Aankhon Ke Pardon Pe - Udaan tab with lyrics by Amit Trivedi - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Amit Trivedi – Kahaani Aankhon Ke Pardon Pe - Udaan tab

                    Kahaani Aankhon Ke Pardon Pe - Udaan - Amit Trivedi

Tabbed by: VelvetAssassin

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Legend: 's' indicates slide, 'm' indicates very lightly muted note.

G   320033
E   022100
B   224442
A   002220
Am  002210
F#m 244222

The actual tab doesn't start untill 0:41, until which electronic synth music plays.

The intro bass tab at 0:41:

This bass riff is played throughout the song. Next instrumental comes in at 0:50:
e|--------------------------------------|B|-4s5s4-2-4--4s5s4-2-4-4-5-7-9---------|G|------------------------------6----5--|D|--------------------------------------| x2 TimesA|--------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------|
Then, before the chorus kicks in, this is played:
Chorus: (Strum these chords between your guitar's sound hole & bridge, ie, strum them below the sound hole.) G E Aankhon ke pardon pe pyara sa jo tha, woh nazaara G E Dhuaan sa bankar ud gaya ab na raha-aaa Verse: B A Am Baithe thhe hum toh, khwabon ke chaanv ke tale-eeey. B A Am Chhod ke unko, jaane kahaan ko chale-eeey. For the "ooh..." part:
End: E F#m A E Kahaani khatam hain, yaa shuruat honay ko hain, E F#m A E Subaha nayi hai yeh, ya fir raat honay ko hain, E F#m A E Kahaani khatam hain, yaa shuruat honay ko hain, E F#m A E Subaha nayi hai yeh, ya fir raat honay ko hain, F#m A E Aane waala waqt dega pana heyy, F#m A E Yaa phir se milenge do raahe-eeey. F#m A E Khabar kya, kya pata. ------ Actually, in the end a tablature is played, but I'm sorry, I'll admit it I couldn't figure it out. If in the future I do figure it out, I'll definitely update the tab. ThanQ for reading.
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