Amusement Parks On Fire – Inside Out chords

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside Out - Amusement Parks on Fire-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tabbed by:
Tuning: Half-Step Down Intro: strum Bb
Eb BbOh me, hours seem so long
Eb BbTo which hour do you and I belong?
Eb BbI'm only an aching animal
Eb BbA ghostly reflection of the sun
Gm FHold me, out in never was
Gm F With old songs lighting up the both of us
Eb BbThen one night we'll wake up at the start
Eb BbOf those skies that you and I adored
Gm FAnnie, will we ever know
Gm FWhy old songs one day have to go?
Gm Dm X4
Eb Love comes as I
DmRun, run from everything that I
EbSaw for too long the sky has
DmUp and down and you will be the first in
EbLove With those skies, inside
DmOut and out and you will be the first in
EbDoubt of those lines and in our
DmLives, those games that we can only ever play in
Eb DmTime...
Outro Repeat: Eb Dm
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