Anais Mitchell – Willie Owinsbury chords

Capo 5

C G D The king has been a prisoner
C D CAnd a prisoner long in Spain
G C G EmAnd Willie O the Winsbury
C D CHas lain long with his daughter Jane.
What ails you, what ails you, my daughter Jane Why you look so pale and wan? Have you had any ill sickness Or yet been sleeping with a man? I have not had any ill sickness Nor yet been sleeping with a man It is for you my father dear For biding so long in Spain. Cast off, cast off, your robe and gown Stand naked on the stone That I may know you by your shape If you be a maiden or none. And she’s cast off the robe and gown Stood naked on the stone her apron was tight and her waist was round Her face was pale and wan. And was it with a lord or a gentleman Or a man of wealth and fame Or was it with one of my serving men While I was a prisoner in Spain? No it wasn’t with a lord or a gentleman Or a man of wealth and fame It was with Willie o Winsbury I could cry no longer alone. And the king has called his serving men By one by two and by three Saying, Where is this Willie o Winsbury? For hanged he shall be. And when they came before the king By one, by two and by three Willie should have been the first of them But the last of them was he. And Willie O the Winsbury All dressed out in red silk His hair hung like the strands of gold His breast was white as milk. No wonder, no wonder, the king he said, That my daughter’s love you did win If I were a woman as I am a man In my own bed you would have been. And will you marry my daughter Jane By the faith of your right hand? And I’ll make you the lord of my serving men I’ll make you the heir of my land. Oh yes, I’ll marry your daughter Jane By the faith of my right hand. But I’ll not be the lord of any men, I’ll not be the heir to your land. And he raised her up on a milk-white steed Himself on a dapple grey He has made her the lady of as much land As she can ride in a long summer’s day.
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