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Anathema – Regret tab

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Band:  AnathemA
Album: Alternative 4
Song:  Regret

First, the acoustic guitar parts. Here are the chords
(I made up some of the names for reference.) Note that
the chords are not always struck in full. Also, the same
chords are played on the clean guitar in the
'As I drift away...' and 'I wish I didn't know...' verses
are played with upstrokes (E-B-G-A-D-E strings), rather
than downstrokes as is more normal.

Amin Emin F1 F2 F3 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5E|--0-----0-----0----0----0---------------------------|B|--1-----0-----0----5----6----12---10---12---10---13-|G|--2-----0-----5----5----5----9----9----9----9----9--|D|--2-----2-----3----3----3----9----9----0----0----0--|A|--0-----2-----3----3----3----0----0----0----0----0--|E|--------0-------------------------------------------|
The rhythm of the acoustic guitar is a simple, loose strum, that's basically more or less improvised. This is the order the chords come in. Amin, Emin, Amin, Emin, F1, (F2, F3,) (F2, F3, F2, F1) Bracketed sections come close together. The verse begins 'As I drift away...' and both acoustic and clean electric guitars enter, playing the same chords. Again the acoustic pattern is loose and easy, whereas the clean electric just plays chords off the main beats. The order of chords is: Amin, Emin, Amin, Emin, F1, F3, F1, F3. (This takes us up to 'Loneliness...'
The chorus ('Visions of love and hate...'):The clean guitar playsE|7-77-770-0-0-X4-7-77-775-5-558-8-88-8875-X2--|B|-------0-0-0---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------| B1 B2 X4 B3 B4 B5 B3B4 X2The acoustic guitar strums these chords, in the same rhythm.
During 'And sometimes I despair...' the acoustic guitar plays these chords without the clean electric guitar.
In the second chorus, the distorted guitar joins in.E|------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------|G|------------X4--------------------------------Z2|D|9-99-997-7-7----9-99-995-5-5510-10-1010-101097--|A|7-77-777-7-7----7-77-777-7-777--7--7-7--7-7-77--|E|------------------------------------------------|
After this, and again during 'I know there is a way...',the distorted guitar plays:E|---------------------------------------------------0---|B|-----------------------------------------------0---0---|G|-----------------------------------------------0---2---|D|10--9---9---7---10--9---9------10--9---9---7---2---2---|A|7---7---5---5---7---7---5------7---7---5---5---2-------|E|-----------------------------------------------0-------|
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