Anathema - Regret chords version 1

Am EmAs I drift away... far away from you,
Am EmI feel all alone in a crowded room,
FThinking to myself
Dm"There's no escape from this
AmVisions of love and hate
DmA collage behind my eyes
AmRemnants of dying laughter
DmEchoes of silent cries
AmI wish I didn't know now that
EmI never knew then...
EmMemories punish me once again
FSometimes I remember all the pain
Dmthat I have seen.
F DmSometimes I wonder what might
have been... Visions of love and hate A collage behind my eyes Remnants of dying laughter Echoes of silent cries
AmAnd sometimes I despair
DmAt who I've become
AmI have to come to terms
DmWith what I've done
AmThe bittersweet taste of fate
DmWe can't outrun the past
AmDestined to find an answer
DmA strength I never lost
FI know there is a way,
GMy future is not set,
FFor the tide has turned
C EmBut still I never learned to live
Amwithout regret
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