Thin Air tab with lyrics by Anathema - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Anathema – Thin Air tab

Capo on 3rd fret.. it´s not perfect, but at least somethin

VERSE 1 8x

VERSE 2 8x
VERSE 3 8x
VERSE 4 2x
VERSE 5 2x
VERSE 1 Love is free VERSE 2 In time, in peace VERSE 1 And now is here VERSE 2 This life, this dream You know how it feels, but.. VERSE 3 it all in your mind? You know how it feels to be.. VERSE 4 ...pushed and pulled through your life - VERSE 5, VERSE 4, VERSE 5 - and sometimes it ssems like... VERSE 4 ..there is life in your eyes - VERSE 3, VERSE 4, VERSE 3 - And all that I know is I love you - VERSE 4, VERSE 5 VERSE 4 Yes, I love you! VERSE 5 - And it feels like we´re already flying VERSE 1 But the air is too thin and we´re dying - VERSE 2. - couds all around take us higher - VERSE 1 The world far below is on fire - VERSE 2, I hold out my hand just to touch you - VERSE 1 And all that I know I love you - VERSE 2, a vision a promise of heaven - VERSE 1, a reason for being forever - VERSE 2... forever...
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