And One – Military Fashion Show tab

1. E|----------------------------------| B|----------------------------------| G|----------14-14-------------15-15-| D|-15-15-16----------15-15-16-------| A|----------------15----------------| E|----------------------------------|
E|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|-------------17-17-------------18-18-17-| D|----15-15-16-------15-15-15-16----------| A|-15-------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|
2. E|-------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------| G|----------14-14-------------15-15----| D|-15-15-16----------15-15-16----------| A|----------------15----------------16-| E|-------------------------------------|
E|-------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------17-17----| G|-------------17-17----------------------18-| D|----15-15-16-------15-15-15-16-------------| A|-15----------------------------15----------| E|-------------------------------------------|
F cutiest girl behind my door everybody's hiding in love from war the beauty broke down their chains somehow who's gonna living on my body now F a growing pain within my pop divine G G# will I ever regret the line C# switching on the light D# I will not reassign F girlfriend's girlfriends never could be mine F drop her white pants wide open warm G G# now she's slipping on her uniform C# D# and every second would become so misdefined F girlfriend's girlfriends never could be mine C# what can I do C what can I say F G# [lick 1] choose your weapon, time to pay G [lick 2] forget about the second day C# we could be friends C with a kiss and flow F G# [lick 1] choose your weapon, time to go a military fashion show cutiest girl ask for more unfortunately someone's creeping on my floor an empty glass, a topless babe, a knock on the door girlfriend's girlfriends never could be more what can I do what can I say choose your weapon, time to pay forget about the second day we could be friends with a kiss and flow choose your weapon, time to go a military fashion show
lick 1 E|--------| B|--------| G|--------| D|--10-8--| A|--------| E|--8--6--|
lick 2-Guitar 1 E|-----------------------| B|-----------------------| G|-----------------------| D|-----------------------| A|----------1------------| E|-1--1-4-1--------------|
lick 2-Guitar 2 E|-----------------------| B|------------8-9---6r/2-| G|----------5-----5------| D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------|
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