Andain – Beautiful Things tab

OK this is my first tab ever, and I only did it because I love techno that much, so dont
mad at me since its not perfect! Im the only person actually tabing this song as 1
everywhere else there is the same tab sheet but with 2 guitars... We dont always have
to jam out with. Anyways, there are 3 beats missing because i cant figure out what those
are and what chord it is, its pretty fast pased and the background beat is too loud for
to hear, but everything else is perfect!

Standard Tuning

The first beat is lower than the second beat, and the chord seems to follow the same so there might actually be 2 chords in there. Any other tab pros wanna check that out for please? Oh and by the way, i know that the 2/8 cord is basically the same note, but when hear the song its strung like a chord, so no, you cant just play the 2, you need the 8 make the chord sound. If anyone figures out the rest of this tab PLEASE e-mail me at and me know thanks!
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