Andrew Garcia – Crazy chords ver. 3

D ACrazy cus I'm falling in love
GFalling deeply in love with you
Yeah, its so damn true
D AFriends say I'm outta my mind
GThat I shouldn't be with you
EmBut they don't understand
GThe way I feel for you
DIs unlike any other thing
AI've ever felt before
Em GBut they don't understand
D AThat I'm not crazy,I'm just a man
EmSearching for reasons to find you
G A DOver and over again
A EmI'm not crazy, I'm just a man
G A D-------I'm doing everything that I can-----
interload: A - Em - G - A - D (same chord) Crazy cus I'm telling the truth There's nowhere to run They're telling me that I should find another one They can say I'm outta my mind I'll still be your man They still won't undersatnd The way I feel for you Is unlike any other thing I've ever felt before But they don't understand That I'm not crazy, I'm just a man
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