Andrew Jackson Jihad – Oldey Timey chords

Tuning: standard
This is what my brother and I figured out for this song.  Feel free to post 
corrections.  This is also my first time posting chords, so lets hope all goes 
well with formatting.  Have fun with it

Intro/Trombone solo: C Am F G F G C Cmaj7 Am F G C Am C C Am C (listen to song for timing, its kinda hard to describe)
C Am F GI've had a bad day, I am ashamed, And I'm afraid
F G C Cmaj7 Am F G C Am C C Am CAnd I am drained of what was named self-respect
CIf the bridge that I was driving over
Am FCollapsed while I was driving over it
GThat may not be such a bad thing
F GI would finally meet my maker
C Cmaj7 AmI could meet the great creator
F G C Am C C Am CAnd I'd punch him for teaching me how to sing
CAnd my body would be at the bottom
AmOf a lake in West Virginia
F GInstead of the bottom of this bottle that I drink
F GI don't have a drinking problem
C Cmaj7 AmDon't have a drinking solution
F G C Am C C Am CI don't think I ever learned to think
CAnd no one knows
AmWhat it's like to be
F GAnybody but themselves
F GNo one
C Cmaj7 AmNo-o one
F G C Am C C Am CNo-o one else
(Thank you)
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