Andrew Lloyd Webber – Blood Money tab

   /                           /  This is where Judas has come to Caiaphas and
  /  Blood Money              /  his priests to reveal Jesus' location, in the
 /  Jesus Christ Superstar   /  faith that they'll arrest him and then stop his
/___________________________/  dangerous, growing popularity that'll kill him.

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[Key: Gminor = bb]
                Gm         D           D7        Gm
Annas:          Cut the protesting, forget the excuses
------             Bb        C           F          Bb
                We want information get, up off the floor
                Gm          D          D7        Gm
Caiaphas:       We have the papers, we need to arrest him
---------       Bb           C           D7          Gm
                You know his movements - we know the law
                     Gm           D            D7     Gm
Annas:          Your help in this matter won't go unrewarded
------                Bb         C        F           Bb
Caiaphas:       We'll pay you in silver - cash on the nail
---------          Gm           D              D7           Gm
                We just need to know where the soldiers can find him
                     Bb       C
Annas:          With no crowd around him
------          D7            Gm
Caiaphas:       Then we can't fail

                Eb                      Bb
Judas:          I don't need your blood money!
------             Ab           Gm         D            Eb
Caiaphas:       Oh that doesn't matter our expenses are good
--------        Eb                      Bb
Judas:          I don't want your blood money!
------          Ab                    Gm        D7                Gm
Caiaphas:       But you might as well take it - we think that you should

                Gm           D              D7           Gm
Priest I:       Think of the things you can do with that money
---------       Bb        C       F           Bb
                Chose any charity give to the poor
                      Gm         D               D7         Gm
Caiaphas:       We've noted your motives - we've noted your feelings
---------       Bb           C           D7
Priest I:       This isn't blood money - it's a fee nothing
---------       D7           D7          Gm
                Fee nothing, fee nothing more_____ (hold last note over drone F)

[drone F octaves]
Judas:          On Thursday night you'll find him where you want him
------          F                               Bb
                Far from the crowd in Garden of Gethsemane

[Stacked harmony = F# F# C# A#  (on guitar - 2x46x6)]
Choir:          Well done, Judas
------          F#
                Good old Judas

- 2nd /September /07
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