Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Mirror Angel Of Music chords



Bb FInsolent boy!
Eb FThis slave of fashion
Bb F basking in your
Bb FIgnorant fool!
Eb FThis brave young suitor,
Bb Fsharing in my
B FisAngel! I hear you!
E FisSpeak -I listen . . .
B Fisstay by my side,
Bguide me!
B FisAngel, my soul was weak -
E Fisforgive me . . .
B Fisenter at last,
gis EFlattering child, you shall know me,
cis dis7 see why in shadow, I hide!
gis ELook at your face in the mirror -I am
cis A Fis there inside! CHRISTINE (ecstatic)
D AAngel of Music!
G AGuide and guardian!
D AGrant to me your
D AAngel of Music!
G AHide no longer!
D ACome to me, strange
DmI am your Angel ...
Come to me: Angel of Music ...
DmI am your Angel of Music . . .
Come to me: Angel of Music . . .
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