Andy Bull – Dog chords

A super pretty song :-)

Dog (feat. Lisa Mitchell) - Andy Bull

F  C  G  Am
F  Am  G  C     

F C G Am This old black dog is hounding me
F Am G CHe waits round the corner and hides in the trees
F C G Am F Am G CI feel the chill of something blown in on the breeze
F C G AmAnd the light of the cinema screen, I hide
F Am G CLaughing I only feel empty inside
F C G AmCrying means nothing, I've nothing to say
F Am G CI wish I could kick this old black dog away
F C F C AmAnd the worst part is knowing my part in it all
F C F C Am Yeah the worst part is knowing it's nothing at all
F C G C F C G COh if I can pull myself together I'll try
F C G C F C G COh I can't explain the tear that sits in my eye
F C G AmTry to out smarten but somehow he knows
F Am G CWherever I am, that fucking dog goes
F C G AmOh I'll kill him and this time I swear I won't feel
F Am G CI'll kick in his ribs and I'll rip off his tail
don't have time but I shall finish it later. I promises :)
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