Andy Gibb – Dont Throw It All Away tab

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Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 00:30:18 +0800
From: Franz-Joseph Rufino 
Subject: g/gibb_andy/dont_throw_it_all_away.crd

                         "don't throw it all away"
                           ( B.GIBB , B.WEAVER )
                       from the album "shadow dancing"

                    chord's by junn rufino

  INTRO: F FM7 F#m7 Bb
  F             F#m7       FM7              F#m7
  Maybe I don't wanna know the reason why , but lately you don't talk to me
   Bb                  C                 F ( F FM7 F#m7 Bb )
  And darling I can't see me in your eyes
  F          F#m7             FM7                 C
  I hold you near but your so far away , and it's losing you I can't believe
     Am7                  Bb                F
  to watch you leave and let this feeling die

             Bb                                       Am7                 Dm7
  ( ah you alone )You alone are the living thing that keep's me alive and tommorow ( tommorow ), if I'm
      C              F
   here without your love , you know I cant survive
             Bb                                Am7            Bb  G7sus ( optional )
  ( only my love ) Only my love can raise you high above and all.....

         C                       G
  Dont throw it all away our love , our love
         Bb                    F            C                    G
  Don't throw it all away our love , Dont throw it all away our love , our love
        Bb                     F
  dont throw it all away our love

   adlib( Bb Bbm Am7 D7 F#m7 C C hold F FM7 F#m7 C
  ( same chords )                                        C
  We can change the darkness and make it full of light , but let your love flow back to me
     Am7                 Bb        C       F
  how can you leave and let this feeling die


  ( happy room ) this happy room would be a lonely place when you are gone ,
   and I wont even have a shoulder for the crying on
  ( no other love ) no other woman's love can be as true , I,m begging you


     Bb                 F#m7          Bb      F#m7       C
  hah , we changed the world we made our's to hold but dream's are made for those
      FM7           Am7        D7            Bm7         E7            Am7   D7sus
  who really try , this losing you is real , but I still feel you here inside

  REPEAT CHORUS ( use this chord's G D FM7 C all throught the chorus )

  this is a great song  , only hard to figure out
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