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Andy Mckee – Africa tab

Andy Mckee

Tabbed from  (sort of)
this is my first tab so sorry if theres any mistakes
i only know what some of the chords are for the verse
any help with the figer picking would be much appreciated
Capo 2nd
tuning - DGDGAd
p=pull off

Chorus(chords)First couple of timesD-5-5-5-4-|A-2-5-5-0-|G-0-5-0-2-|D-0-5-0-0-|G-0-5-0-2-|D-*-*-*-0
last timeD-5-5-5-4-4-|A-2-5-5-0-0-|G-0-5-7-2-0-|D-0-5-0-0-2-|G-0-5-0-2-0-|D-*-*-*-0-2-|
Back to beginning Any help would be helpfull
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