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Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 10:28:07 +1100
From: Russell & Charlie 
Subject: a/angels/

Song: After The Rain
By: Angels
Album: Their Finest Hour...and then some
Transcribed by: Russell Edwards

Riff: E G F# E G F# ED -/6---------------------------------------|A ----7-----7-9--5------5-7-----------------|E ------7-9---------5-7------3-2-0--3-2-0-0-|
Intro: [Riff] x 2 [E] Who lies on sheets of ice [F#] Who pays for paradise [A] After the rain After the [E]rain Who suffers fools and freaks [F#] Who hangs in guilty cliques [A] After the rain After the [E]rain Chorus: [E] Somebody [E] Save [Eb] me the [D] water's [C#] risin' [E] Sweet [D] Jesus [C#] take the [B] blame (Bass fill: C# E F# E) [E] Who [Eb] knows who's [D] star is [C#] fallin' [D] After the rain, after the [A] rain [G] [F#] [E] x 2 [Riff] [E] Who took the gold from their teeth [F#] Who takes the ancient masterpiece [A] After the rain After the [E]rain Who throws the winning dice [F#] Who lies beneath the ice [A] After the rain After the [E]rain Chorus Break: [E] [F#] [A] [E] Chorus Break [Riff] x 6 After the rain, etc You better look out
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