Angels – I Aint The One tab

I Ain't The One

The verse is played entirely in open chords, keep the strums long. The chorus is power 
and tabbed out below. The Angels fucking rock.

Verse 1
A                                                             D   G
Smokers smoking in the smoking room, fishes in the fish tank

A                                                             D   G
sailors waiting for the tide to turn, too bad the ship sank

well dressed wax-work wound up to walk

                           G   D   G
stares through the window

A                                                             D   
clown in the alley-way looking for an exit, facing the shadows

Chorus ( See tab below )

D    D     D    D    G  F# 
I don't patronise you

D    D     D    D    G  F# 
I dont' try to put you down

D    D     D    D    G  F# 
I don't criticise you

A                                       D  G  A
I ain't the one , I ain't the one to judge

Verse 2

Hard hitting journalist, says he's a communist

                      G      D    A
says he believes in world war III

A                                                          G  
lives in a high-rent luxury apartment, he ain't fooling me

Repeat Chorus over same pattern for solos and then finish

Chorus Pattern:e|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|---------------------------------.|D|-7--7--7--7--x--12--11--9--7--x--.|A|-5--5--5--5--x--10--9---7--5--x---|E|----------------------------------|
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