Angie Stone – No More Rain In This Cloud tab

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Fmaj7 D#maj7 Em Cmaj7 Dm A7e|---x-------x--------7----x-------7----5-----|B|---10------8--------8----5-------6----5-----|G|---9-------7--------9----4-------7----6-----|D|---10------8--------9----5-------7----5-----|A|---8-------6--------7----3-------5----7-----|E|---x-------x--------x----x-------x----5-----|
Melody Riff - played almost entire time Fmaj7 D#maj7e|-------------------------------------------------|B|------10-10-10-10--10-------8-8-8-8--8-----------|G|---9----------------------7----------------------|D|---10---------------------8----------------------|A|---8----------------------6----------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------|
Bridge Riff Fmaj7 Em Cmaj7 Dm D#maj7 Dm A7e|-------------------------------------------5-----|B|---10------8----5-------6-----8-------6----5-----|G|---9-------9----4-------7-----7-------7----6-----|D|---10------9----5-------7-----8-------7----5-----|A|---8-------7----3-------5-----6-------5----7-----|E|-------------------------------------------------|
Lyric Order Intro - Chorus - Verse 1 Chorus - Verse 2 - Chorus Bridge - Chorus/Outro Intro: Chorus: (sing verses twice) No more rain in this cloud My sunshine has come No more rain in this cloud And I'm all cried out And there's no more rain in this cloud Verse 1: Verse 2: There's no hiding place So you want to live When someone has hurt you and to you I shall give It's written on your face, and it reads All the space that you requested "Broken spirit, lost and confused" Hope you don't live to regret it "Empty, scared, used and abused, a fool" So you say you're in your prime Oh, ain't it funny that the way you feel Baby, don't waste your time shows on your face Remember my love, (It's written all over your face, yeah) it's only a thin line And the smile you used to wear (It's never too late) Seems a little bit out of place (Tracks of your tears) People oh, hold on In time it gets a little better, whoa Bridge: Spring has come and winter's gone, my love But don't look around for me child I'll be gone (I'll be gone, gone, gone, gone) Not afraid because the seasons have changed I'm gonna count my blessing then just follow the sun Cause you see Chorus and Outro: Now, I wanna take a minute to kick it like this Y'all wit' me? Y'all know what I'm talkin' about? You know what to do There's no hiding place When you're hurting No, no, no I used to think the world of you Baby there's, there's nothing I would not do You broke me down You broke me way down You you you, baby broke me down What goes around, comes around What goes up, must come down Things you do, come back to you Y'all believe that? Goes around, comes around What goes up, must come down
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