Ani Difranco - In Or Out tab

Tuning: Standard

(Intro, verse, and in between verses)e-----0-----0-----0-----0-------------|b-----0-----0-----0-----0-------------|g-----0-----0-----0-----0-------------|d-oh2-2-0h2-2-----0-----0-------------|a-0h2-2-0h2-2-oh3-3-oh3-3-------------|e-------------0h3-3-0h3-3-------------|
(The part of the verse where she changes)(Outro also but end with 3rd chord)e-0---0----0---0--0--------------------|b-0---0----0---0--0--------------------|g-0---0----0---0--0--------------------|d-5-s-7-s-12-s-9-s7--------------------|a-5-s-7-s-12-s-9-s7--------------------|e-3-s-5-s-10-s-7-s5--------------------|
change strumming pattern and repeat measures as many times as needed to match song
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